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CareXpress Urgent Care: Heart Healthy Foods pt. 2

CareXpress Urgent Care: More tips to keep your heart healthy

CareXpress Urgent Care is back with Part 2 of our talk about foods and habits your can start to improve and maintain the health of your heart and whole body!

Low-Fat Protein: Poultry, lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products, and eggs are all great sources of protein. Be careful to choose the low fat options like skim milk over whole milk. Skinless chicken is preferred to fried patties. Fish are another great source of protein. Fish can also help lower triglycerides and have Omega-3 fatty acid to help support brain health. Legumes (beans, lentils, and peas) are also another option for lean protein. Replacing animal protein with vegetable protein is a great way to keep your cholesterol in check. High fat protein, like beef, will raise your cholesterol, leading to heart problem later in life.

Reduce the Sodium in your diet: Eating lots of sodium can contribute to high blood pressure and will put you at risk for cardiovascular disease. You should have no more than 2,300 Mg of sodium a day in your diet. You can reduce the amount by replacing salt with herbs and spices. Keeping table salt off your table can also reduce the temptation to put it on your meals. Keep away from condensed soups and frozen dinners as they’re loaded with sodium. Beware food that claim lower sodium because they use sea salt. Sea salt is no different from regular salt.

Indulge every once in awhile: Keeping your heart in healthy shape doesn’t mean you have to give up other foods forever. Eating a candy bar or indulging in a particularly unhealthy meal is fine. As long as you keep to a heart healthy diet most of the time it will balance out over time.

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CareXpress Urgent Care Provides Tips To Study, Test, And Stay Healthy

Urgent Care: Healthy Study & Test Taking Tips

CareXpress Urgent Care staff know that the pressure of studying and taking tests at school are already beginning to be placed on students of all ages. A lot of students get a little jittery around test taking time. As school gets geared up again for the fall semester, we don’t want you to let test anxiety or natural stress about taking tests in school bring you down.

CareXpress Urgent Care is providing this compiled list of healthy test taking tips to get you started in the right direction this year.

1.) Prepare a study outline: Making yourself a study plan can help you focus on the list of the most important topics to be covered. Use the guide you make when studying.

2.) Remove any distractions: A lot of students have reported that studying at home is too much distraction, because they focus on what they can be doing rather than studying. There’s a reason why libraries still exist. They’re a great, quite place to study!

3.) Get plenty of rest: This one seems like a “no-brainer,” but you’d be surprised just how many students stay up too late the night before an exam. Make sure you go to bed early enough to get plenty of rest.

4.) Eat a proper meal: If you eat a balanced breakfast it will be one less worry during the test. Nothing distracts you more during a test than a growling stomach.

5.) Just breathe and relax: Take a deep breathe before the test begins. Don’t forget to let it out! If you have your pencils, scrap paper or other materials allowed that’s another few things you don’t have to worry about. If you’ve followed your study plan, you should be prepared.

6.) Cross check your answers: When you’ve finished your test, always cross check your answers. Double checking helps you make sure you didn’t make the mistake of skipping a question or filling in the right answer on the wrong line.

CareXpress Urgent Care wants you to do your very best this school year. Most of these tips provided by our urgent care staff should help the majority of students feel at ease when it comes to preparing how to study and what to do before, during, and after a test. Our urgent care staff thinks that if you follow these healthy test taking tips you’ll know you did your best!

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CareXpress Urgent Care Cautions Against Leaving Children In Hot Cars

CareXpress Urgent Care Providing Summertime Warning

Even during the hot summer, you might be surprised how many parents or caretakers of young children believe that it’s fine to leave children in the car when they pull up to the grocery store or gas station, because it’s just a “quick” minute. Our urgent care staff cautions against leaving children in hot cars for any length of time!

Here why it’s so important to take the extra time and just bring your children with you; every minute you are gone from your car it’s heating up another degree. In the summer heat it takes at little as 30 minutes for your car to basically turn into an oven. Even though the outside temperature may remain the same, the moment you turn off the ignition is when the inside of the car continues to spike in temperature by 10 degrees or more every 10 minutes.

Our urgent care staff found this news article stating that by the end of July in 2016, there were already 21 child deaths due to them being left in hot cars and the 21st one was a young boy from Dallas, Texas. That figure was nearly twice as high as the number of children who died by the end of July in 2015!

It’s a very sad situation to think about, but the risk is all too real. It’s not enough to roll the windows down. Studies show that cracking the windows actually doesn’t do very much for air flow, even on cooler days. While one or two minutes may not mean the difference between life and death, why even consider it?

As it is highly possible for anyone to get caught up in what they are doing (because let’s face it, we all live busy lives) and forget about the children from time-to-time here are two safety tips:

  • Leave something in the front seat as a reminder of the child (Example: stuffed animal, diaper bag, etc.)
  • Leave something you will need in the backseat, with the children, so that you will be forced to see them when you reach to grab it (Example: cell phone, brief case, purse, etc.)

If these tips provided by our urgent care staff aren’t enough for you to remember that you have a child or children in the backseat, please do whatever is necessary to help yourself take care of your little ones.

As always, on behalf of CareXpress Urgent Care, we wish you a safe and happy summer. Should you need our clinics for any minor injuries or illnesses, please feel free to click here to see our urgent care locations and hours of operation.