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Urgent Care Exams: Start Your Year Off Right

Many women know that they should get an annual exam to make certain their body is up to par, but they often wait to get this done either out of fear or timing issues. Why wait until the end of the year? You could get your well-woman exam done at the start of the year and get it out of the way at CareXpress Urgent Care.

A well-woman exam is one of the most vital decisions that women of all ages can make to protect their ongoing health. This preventative urgent care screening of breast and gynecological diseases is important for women of all ages, but specifically after the age of 21 it should be completed annually.

During the well-woman exam the urgent care doctor will conduct a breast exam and a pelvic exam to check for uterine or ovarian abnormalities and to screen for cervical cancer. Depending on age, a mammogram or bone density scan may be ordered. In addition, a Pap smear and a possible test for the Human Papilloma Virus may be ordered.

Other subjects you may need to be prepared to discuss with the urgent care doctor could include:

  • Your exercise regime.
  • What your diet is like on a daily basis.
  • Whether you drink and/or smoke.
  • Your sexual practices.
  • The date of your last menstrual cycle.

The practitioners at CareXpress Urgent Care are ready to meet all of your family’s general medical needs. If you need to have your well-woman exam completed, consider getting it out of the way and starting your year off right. We’re more convenient than an ordinary doctor’s office with many locations to choose from and longer office hours. To take advantage of one of our locations, click here to see which location is closest to you and to see the hours of operation.

Care Xpress- Urgent care

Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

Do seasonal allergies have you in a fog? The most effective way to treat your allergies is always with the help of medical professionals but if you’re looking for alternative methods, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions.

Herbs and supplements

  • Green tea – a natural antihistamine
  • Butterbur
  • Licorice root – also helps loosen mucus, so your breathing will be easier.
  • Quarcetin – found in many teas, onions, grapes and tomatoes

Changes in diet

  • Add cayenne pepper, hot ginger, jalapenos to help alleviate sinus pressure.screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-3-34-12-pm
  • Dried fruits and dairy products can cause blood vessels in your nose to swell so limiting the intact could help your allergies.
  • Those that are allergic to ragweed, pollen or other outdoor pollen should avoid eating melons, bananas, cucumber, sunflower seeds or chamomile.

Is known to reduce allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and puffy eyes.

Many people believe a Neti pot helps remove the dust and pollen from your nose. Though, some store bought solutions can remove good bacteria with the dust and pollen leaving you more susceptible.