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CareXpress Urgent Care Offers X-Rays For Fractures

Complete Urgent Care X-Ray Facilities

As school is nearly out of session for the summer, families will most likely be taking advantage of more outdoor play time. With outdoor activities comes more risk of you or your children falling or other traumatic events occurring. Sure, everyone has probably fallen before without a worry; many time you just get back up and go along. There are times; however, when falling can cause significant problems such as bone fractures. If this happens, CareXpress Urgent Care can help!

When fractures (also a term for cracked or broken bones) occur, you may not even know that your child is injured as they’re often not vocal about the pain. You may not even notice that you have a fracture either! To help you identify some symptoms of bone fractures, here’s a list of 4 signs our urgent care staff wanted you to be aware of:

1.) Swelling or bruising over a bone.

2.) Pain in the injured area that gets worse with movement or pressure applied to the area.

3.) Deformity of injured area.

4.) This one is obvious: if the bone is protruding from the skin.

As long as the skin is not broken, the blood vessels and nerves are still working. That means there is a chance to go a little slower with decision making. For some fractures, operation is the only option, but for most of them the body is amazing at healing with a little help from our urgent care doctors. Either way it is probably a good idea to not take too long to decide whether you should visit an urgent care, because timing does play an important role when it comes to caring for the broken bones.

If you think that you or your child may have fractured a bone then call your urgent care doctor or just come right in with no appointment necessary. We have the capability to provide you with an X-Ray due to our complete X-Ray facilities right onsite at all locations.

Even if it turns out that you don’t have a fractured bone, it is better to be safe than sorry, right? To see a list of our locations and hours of operation, you may click here.