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Pregnancy Testing: Urgent Care Services

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If it’s one thing our urgent care staff understands it’s that starting a family is an exciting time in most people’s lives, but all the uncertainty involved in whether the tests are working properly can wreck your nerves.

Most women don’t think about visiting an urgent care for a pregnancy test. It would seem that the go to method for the majority of women is to buy a home pregnancy test. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation then you know it’s not fun when the doubt sets in as you wonder if you got a false-positive or false-negative.

Have you ever wondered why these false results happen? There are several reasons the pregnancy tests you use at home could give you false results. The following are all some common problems with home pregnancy tests:

1.) The earlier you take home pregnancy tests after missing your menstrual cycle, the more difficult it is for the test to detect the HCG level in your urine.

2.) If you look at the test too soon before the test is finished processing you could be looking at the wrong result.

3.) This is one time when drinking an over abundance of fluids isn’t your friend. With too many fluids in your system the test can come out with a false result due to diluted urine.

We call our clinics “urgent” care for a reason. We know you want your results quickly, or urgently, so if you don’t want to wait the suggested 1-2 weeks after your missed menstrual cycle to take a home pregnancy test come on in.

When you visit an urgent care for your pregnancy testing you don’t have to worry about whether you have been drinking the wrong amount of liquids, whether you looked at the home pregnancy test results too soon, or whether you took the test too early to detect pregnancy.

By choosing to visit an urgent care for your pregnancy testing, we can be sure to do things the proper way the first time. Avoid the long wits and other difficulties and visit one of our convenient CareXpress locations. Click here to see our locations and hours of operation.