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CareXpress Urgent Care: Offering Diabetes Screenings

CareXpress Urgent Care: Do You Have Diabetic Symptoms?

According to the data collected by the Texas Department of State Health Services by the end of 2015 an estimated 11.0% of adults in Texas had diabetes and 8.1% had pre-diabetes. The data is a little dated due to the amount of time it took just to collect information from sources like the TMF Health Quality Institute, the Texas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set. How do you know if you have diabetes? Sometimes, the warning signs are so mild that you may not notice them without being told, but our urgent care is here to offer some help in identifying if you might be at risk.

There are two types of diabetes our urgent care doctor can test you for, but both have some common telltale signs which include:

  • More hungry than usual
  • More fatigued than usual
  • Peeing more often
  • Being extremely thirsty
  • Dry mouth
  • Itchy, dry skin
  • Blurred vision

Symptoms specific to type one diabetes include:

  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Nausea and vomiting

Symptoms specific to type two diabetes include:

  • Yeast infections (both men and women) between fingers, toes, under breasts, or in or around sex organs
  • Slow healing sores or cuts
  • Pain or numbness in feet or legs

Our urgent care doctors would agree that if you’re over 45 years of age or have any of the above symptoms that it is important for you to get tested. Early detection of diabetes is important as it can give urgent care patients time to make appropriate changes in their lives and to avoid nerve damage, heart trouble, or other complications.

CareXpress Urgent Care has several locations to better serve you based on your area. Walk-ins are always welcome so if you feel that any of the information provided in this article pertains to you, please don’t hesitate to come in for a diabetes screening. Click here for a list of our locations and hours of operation!