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CareXpress Urgent Care: Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

CareXpress Urgent Care explains the difference between Urgent Cares and the Emergency Room

Getting sick isn’t fun, getting seriously sick is seriously not fun. But if your getting sick enough to require professional care, do you go to the emergency room or the local Urgent Care? It can be confusing, so CareXpress Urgent Care is here to help explain when you should visit us, and when you should move for the emergency room.

Go to the ER when: You should probably head straight for the ER if the following are happening to you.

  • Sudden difficulty speaking or understanding speech
  • Head or Eye Injuries
  • Serious Burns
  • Severe Flu or Cold Symptoms
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Severe Heart Palpitations
  • Perssistant Chet Pains, especially if accompanied by jaw or arm pain, sweating, or vomiting
  • Broken Bones or Joints

When to go to an Urgent Care:

Think of Urgent care’s more like your Doctor’s office, except open after hours. Many people go to the Emergency Room to receive treatment for Minor Illnesses and injuries. Things that need to be treated, but don’t require admittance into a hospital. Many people go to the ER because the doctor they would normally go to is closed when they need treatment. These kinds of situations are perfect for an Urgent Care, in addition, going to an Urgent Care for these minor treatments takes strain off the ER and let’s them operate on more serious emergencies quicker. Times to visit an Urgent Care include:

  • Fever without Rash
  • Painful Urination
  • Sore Throat
  • Minor Trauma like a sprain or shallow cut.

These kinds of emergencies can be handled quickly and cheaply by you local CareXpress Urgent Care. You can also visit an Urgent Care to get vaccines, STD testing, and other minor tests as well. If you need fast, affordable treatment for all those little medical emergencies. Visit your local CareXpress Urgent Care today!