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CareXpress Urgent Care: Things you might not know about Urgent Care

More than just flu shots and cough medicine. CareXpress Urgent Care can handle more than you think.

When most people think of an Urgent Care, they probably think about someone going in with a cough and walking out with a prescription for some cold medicine. Or a glorified flu shot station. While CareXpress Urgent Care is certainly equipped to handle a case of the sniffles or to administer a flu shot, that’s just the beginning of what CareXpress Urgent Care’s can do!

Not just for the cold and cuts:

You can come in to an urgent care anytime to treat your cold or to heal up small cuts and burns. But did you know your urgent care can also performs X-Rays? Did you know they can also administer more than just the flu vaccine? What about STD testing? Yep, they can do that too. In fact, 27% of all cases that go to the emergency room can be accomplished at an Urgent Care quickly and efficiently. In fact, most basic emergency room care can be done at an Urgent Care. This also means emergency rooms have more capacity to treat more serious injuries.

Cheaper than you think:

Often, the out of pocket cost for visiting an urgent care is less than $100. If you have insurance, you may end up paying the regular copay you would at a doctor office! In addition, Urgent Care’s can treat most sports-related injuries quickly and cheaply. Saving you money and a trip to the hospital.

Wait, THAT fast?

The average wait time for an Urgent Care is 15 minutes! Most visits are done within an hour as well! Now that’s fast!

CareXpress Urgent Care is for much more than just flu shots and small cuts. If you need it done right and right now, visit your nearest CareXpress Urgent Care today!