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CareXpress Urgent Care Provides Advice For Camping Safely: Part 1

Enjoy Your Outdoor Visit Without A Trip To Urgent Care

It’s that time of year when a lot of people look forward to spending time at the lake or camping off grid. If you’re among the many families that will be partaking in camping trips this summer, then this two part series of articles might be helpful for you. CareXpress Urgent Care staff have compiled a list of camping safety tips to make sure that everyone has a great time outdoors, without having to make a run to visit an urgent care.

Here are 3 camping safety tips for the first part of our urgent care blog series:

Tip #1 – Get caught up on vaccinations. You never know what kinds of diseases can be caught by being in the wilderness. It’s helpful to make sure all of your vaccines are up to date.

Tip #2- Pack plenty of water and healthy foods. Staying hydrated while spending time outdoors is highly important. Nothing beats clean, fresh drinking water for replenishing electrolytes. A lot of people are tempted to pack junk food items, because it seems easier, but if you can help it try to take healthier snacks. For safety reasons, keep cold foods cold by placing them in an insulated cooler. Make sure you separate raw foods from the food that requires cooking so you don’t contaminate anything. Of course, avoiding eating any raw meats is a safety must. To make certain your meat is fully cooked, bring along a meat thermometer (should be at least 160°).

Tip #3- Take breaks from the sun. When you’re in the sun, it’s a good idea to put on sunscreen, because too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be harmful to skin. It’s also important to take breaks from being in the heat of the sun, because of the risk of heatstroke. Relaxing under a shady tree between swims, fishing, boating, etc. may be helpful to minimize your time in the sun.

These are just a few general camping safety tips to help remind you and your family of things to keep everyone safe. Enjoy your camping trips and the rest of your summer vacation! If you need to visit any of our CareXpress Urgent Care locations, please click here for our addresses and hours of operation.

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Urgent Care Reports: How Contaminated Swimming Water Causes Illness

Urgent Care: Sharing Summer Sickness Facts

As the flu and common colds are to the fall and winter months so are enteroviruses to the late spring and summer months. More specifically, enteroviruses commonly cause problems for people who choose to swim in contaminated water. Today, our CareXpress Urgent Care team is sharing some information about what causes enterovirus infections and what you can do to prevent them.

According to the CDC, 10 to 15 million infections are caused by enterovirus in the United States on an annual basis. Of course, no one purposely chooses to go swimming in infected waters. It’s just one of the risks involved when swimming in natural waters like the ocean, a river, or a lake. Most of the problem is caused by fecal contamination in the water and often times when children are swimming it becomes inevitable that someone will accidentally swallow up some water, causing the illness to spread.

The terrible truth is that once one family member has the enterovirus disease, it can spread very easily to the entire household. Others can get the disease simply by touching objects or surfaces that have the virus on them and then transferring the virus by touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. Symptoms can range from appearing to be just like a very basic common cold to people becoming very sick with infections that impact the heart or brain. In very extreme circumstances, paralyzation can occur.

Unfortunately, there is not a vaccine yet created for our urgent care doctors to utilize, so we can’t help protect against enterovirus infections. The only ways to prevent you and your family from becoming ill include taking some precautions. Wash your hans often with soap and water, avoid contact with those who are sick, and routinely disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

Our urgent care staff would also ask you to make wise decisions about where you and your family will go swimming this summer. If you are unfamiliar with a particular area, do some research or reconsider choosing a cleaner, public swimming pool.

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CareXpress Urgent Care Warns Of Lyme Disease Infected Ticks

Urgent Care Reports On Deer Ticks

In the past few years the number of Lyme disease cases has decreased in Texas, but reports indicate that the deer tick known for carrying Lyme disease is a well established insect in the state of Texas and its range appears to be expanding. Our urgent care doctors warn to pay attention to these little critters, because while not every one will be infected with the disease, all it takes is one bite to spread it if the tick does happen to be infected.

If you find a tick crawling on you, remove it immediately and either flush it down the toilet, wrap it in a sealed bag to toss in the trash, or submerge it in alcohol to suffocate it. If a tick manages to wedge itself inside your skin before you notice it, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends utilizing a pair of fine-tipped tweezers for the best removal method.

The CDC tick removal steps include:

  • Grabbing the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible.
  • Pulling it upwards.
  • In one steady motion, pull the tick out.

Our urgent care doctors encourage you to try not to wriggle the tick around as this motion can leave remains of the tick lodged inside your skin. After safe removal and disposal of the tick, clean the area and your hands with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

Our urgent care doctors would also recommend keeping a close eye on how you feel after a deer tick bite, especially. If Lyme disease is not diagnosed and treated early, it may become late-stage or chronic causing years of misery. Early Lyme disease symptoms may appear to be very flu-like (fever, chills, sweats, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea, and joint pain). It is also common for a bull’s-eye pattern rash or headache to accompany the other symptoms.

If you’ve been bitten by a tick and show any of the early symptoms of Lyme disease, you should see your doctor.

We would like to remind everyone that the best preventative is to wear long sleeves and pants if you plan to go hiking near any woody areas and always wear bug repellant. As always, our urgent care staff wishes the best for everyone hoping to enjoy outdoor activities this summer. Should you need to see an urgent care doctor for any common illness, come on in!

Good luck and have a safe and happy summer!

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CareXpress Urgent Care Offers X-Rays For Fractures

Complete Urgent Care X-Ray Facilities

As school is nearly out of session for the summer, families will most likely be taking advantage of more outdoor play time. With outdoor activities comes more risk of you or your children falling or other traumatic events occurring. Sure, everyone has probably fallen before without a worry; many time you just get back up and go along. There are times; however, when falling can cause significant problems such as bone fractures. If this happens, CareXpress Urgent Care can help!

When fractures (also a term for cracked or broken bones) occur, you may not even know that your child is injured as they’re often not vocal about the pain. You may not even notice that you have a fracture either! To help you identify some symptoms of bone fractures, here’s a list of 4 signs our urgent care staff wanted you to be aware of:

1.) Swelling or bruising over a bone.

2.) Pain in the injured area that gets worse with movement or pressure applied to the area.

3.) Deformity of injured area.

4.) This one is obvious: if the bone is protruding from the skin.

As long as the skin is not broken, the blood vessels and nerves are still working. That means there is a chance to go a little slower with decision making. For some fractures, operation is the only option, but for most of them the body is amazing at healing with a little help from our urgent care doctors. Either way it is probably a good idea to not take too long to decide whether you should visit an urgent care, because timing does play an important role when it comes to caring for the broken bones.

If you think that you or your child may have fractured a bone then call your urgent care doctor or just come right in with no appointment necessary. We have the capability to provide you with an X-Ray due to our complete X-Ray facilities right onsite at all locations.

Even if it turns out that you don’t have a fractured bone, it is better to be safe than sorry, right? To see a list of our locations and hours of operation, you may click here.

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Urgent Care Drug Screenings For The Workforce

3 CareXpress Urgent Care Locations Offering Drug Screening

Do you think you’ve found the perfect candidate for that job position you’ve been looking to fill? Perhaps, their resume looks flawless and the interview went perfectly, but you just need to satisfy that little requirement of making sure your potential employee can pass a drug screening? A lot of employers don’t have a “go-to” place to send their potential hires for drug testing and if that’s your situation CareXpress Urgent Care has some good news for you!

The good news is that we have 3 of our CareXpress Urgent Care locations which can provide urinalysis and hair follicle drug screenings! You may click here to see the addresses of these locations or direct your potential employee to our website to learn more. They can even check wait times, and get in line by filling out some information online in order to manage their place in line.

As a helpful tip, our urgent care doctors will let you know that if you’re going to opt for urine testing as your main source of pre-employment screening, then it is suggested to require the potential hire to have the test completed rapidly as most drugs will only remain detectable for a few days in the urine. On the other hand, a hair follicle screening will be able to detect most drugs for months after usage.

Our urgent care owners have a goal of supporting employers! We understand that illicit drug use can most definitely have an impact on a person’s overall job performance, not to mention the safety of other people coming into contact with someone who is not 100% alert due to drug usage.

Our urgent care staff looks forward to being able to help employers provide a healthier, safer workforce. We hope that you’ll find our drug screenings and other occupational services to be convenient.

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CareXpress Urgent Care Shares Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate

Urgent Care Topic: Dark Chocolate Benefits

Looking for something sweet to include as part of your Mother’s Day gift? Chocolate is a favorite amongst many, but more health conscious moms may not consume as much as they once did. Believe it or not there are studies conducted by several nutritionists which have shown that dark chocolate actually has more health benefits than its rivals like white chocolate of milk chocolate! Today, our CareXpress Urgent Care lists a few reasons why you should choose dark chocolate if you’re looking for a slightly healthier treat.

Dark chocolate is made up of at least 70% cocoa and the cocoa solids are what contain the health compounds known as flavonols. The flavonols provide both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which are important to the body. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in food have been suggested to help those who consume enough to lower their blood sugar levels and see an improvement in cholesterol levels.

While some people still argue that eating dark chocolate is bad for their health there are multiple studies to disprove this theory. One such study was conducted by the American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions. The results concluded that blood flow increased significantly in both study groups who ate dark chocolate with and without sugar. Interestingly, the blood flow actually dropped in the placebo group.

Of course, our urgent care doctors would stand by the reasoning that eating anything with sugar in it is recommended to be consumed in moderation. The good news is that you can enjoy dark chocolate once in awhile and studies show that you should. Maybe that will give you motivation to stick to dark chocolate for your Mother’s Day gifts this year. Enjoy!

We hope that you’ll have a great Mother’s Day weekend and that you won’t need to see us, but should you need urgent care, several of our CareXpress Urgent Care locations are open on Sunday! Click here to see our urgent care medical clinic hours and locations.

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CareXpress Urgent Care Recognizes ALS Awareness Month

Urgent Care Reports: The Early Warning Signs Of ALS

There are many diseases which bring devastation to patients all around the globe and the owners of CareXpress Urgent Care understand that recognizing these conditions is important as you may be someone at the early stages of having something you don’t even know about! One of these slow progressing diseases is called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The ALS association is recognizing May as ALS awareness month and we’re here to share a bit more about the early signs of ALS.

If your muscles feel achy and you’re continuously visiting an urgent care for the same reason it could be a sign of something more going on with your body. The earliest signs of ALS generally include complaints about the following symptoms:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle twitches (fasciculations)
  • Cramps and/or tight and stiff muscles (spasticity)
  • Muscle loss and/or atrophy
  • Slurred and nasal speech
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing
  • Excessive choking
  • Excessive shortness of breath
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Hand or leg weakness
  • Problems with balance or walking
  • Fatigue

Unfortunately, as the early signs of ALS are so closely related to various other illnesses, it may not be enough to detect the problem simply by visiting an urgent care or even your primary care physician. As problems escalate to greater weakness, atrophy, or an inability to properly move limbs then it will become more obvious.

Most of the time, as studies have shown, the most common areas of impact include the hands, arm, or one of the legs. Many patients will have great difficulty with the simple tasks they once could manage which would normally involve straightening and bending the limb in question. The onset of ALS can even affect the sound of a patient’s voice and speech patterns. Furthermore, spasms in the jaw muscles, face, voice box, throat, and tongue are common.

As of right now, there is only one approved US FDA approved drug (Riluzole) for ALS which only extends the survival rate and at this time there are no cures. To learn more about this disease, you may click here.

Our urgent care team hopes this article was information.

At CareXpress Urgent Care, we are able to offer diagnosis and treatment for minor injuries and illness. If you would like to more about the services we offer, please click here. If you are in need of treatment for any of our offered services you may visit any of our locations and you may click here to see the hours and operations.

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CareXpress Urgent Care Treats Urinary Tract Infections

CareXpress Urgent Care Discusses UTI’s

Urinary tract infections (also called UTI’s) aren’t exactly the most pleasant topic to discuss, but it is a common infection for many patients. Today, our urgent care article will list the common causes of UTI’s and what you can do to help flush the bacteria.

First, let’s take a look at some of the common causes of UTI’s. They are commonly caused by:

  • Bacteria (such as E. coli) entering the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Presence of other bacterias such as staphylococcus, proteus, klebsiella, enterococcus, and pseudomonas.
  • Bladder infections.

It is important to note that anyone can be subject to this bacterial infection in the body’s urinary system, but it is more likely for women to have this issue than it is for men. This is most likely due to the fact that the tube running from the bladder to the outside (the urethra) is much shorter than the tube that runs to the urethra in men.

That being said, our urgent care doctors warn that bladder infections for men are most always a symptom of an underlying disorder.  It is generally due to the infection migrating from the prostate or some other part of the body, signaling problems in those locations.

The number one thing you can do to help with UTI’s is drink a lot of water to help wash out the bacteria from the urinary system. If you want to be sure what the best treatment would be, feel free to visit any of our urgent care clinics.  In most cases, a single episode of a bladder infection could be treated between three to seven days of taking an antibiotic. If symptoms return, additional testing might need to be completed to rule out other medical problems.

To find the most convenient CareXpress Urgent Care location for you, just click here. The link also has our hours of operation and the online check-in option.

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CareXpress Urgent Care: Offering Diabetes Screenings

CareXpress Urgent Care: Do You Have Diabetic Symptoms?

According to the data collected by the Texas Department of State Health Services by the end of 2015 an estimated 11.0% of adults in Texas had diabetes and 8.1% had pre-diabetes. The data is a little dated due to the amount of time it took just to collect information from sources like the TMF Health Quality Institute, the Texas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set. How do you know if you have diabetes? Sometimes, the warning signs are so mild that you may not notice them without being told, but our urgent care is here to offer some help in identifying if you might be at risk.

There are two types of diabetes our urgent care doctor can test you for, but both have some common telltale signs which include:

  • More hungry than usual
  • More fatigued than usual
  • Peeing more often
  • Being extremely thirsty
  • Dry mouth
  • Itchy, dry skin
  • Blurred vision

Symptoms specific to type one diabetes include:

  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Nausea and vomiting

Symptoms specific to type two diabetes include:

  • Yeast infections (both men and women) between fingers, toes, under breasts, or in or around sex organs
  • Slow healing sores or cuts
  • Pain or numbness in feet or legs

Our urgent care doctors would agree that if you’re over 45 years of age or have any of the above symptoms that it is important for you to get tested. Early detection of diabetes is important as it can give urgent care patients time to make appropriate changes in their lives and to avoid nerve damage, heart trouble, or other complications.

CareXpress Urgent Care has several locations to better serve you based on your area. Walk-ins are always welcome so if you feel that any of the information provided in this article pertains to you, please don’t hesitate to come in for a diabetes screening. Click here for a list of our locations and hours of operation!

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CareXpress Urgent Care Discusses Dry Cough Versus Wet Cough

When You Should Visit An Urgent Care For Your Cough


Warmer weather tends to make people think they won’t get sick as often, but as you can imagine, CareXpress Urgent Care doctors see a lot of patients for many different illnesses and often the patients have a cough. A cough can happen to anyone at any time of the year, so don’t think you’re immune!

Did you know that when you cough it is a signal to your body that something is wrong? That’s why you often hear people say “listen to your body“. As you start hacking it be common to wonder if you should bother visiting an urgent care or just let it pass. Knowing when to visit an urgent care for your cough may seem difficult to determine, but the type and duration of the cough will be the key factors. A wet cough may mean something different than a dry cough. To shed some light on these two types of coughs, we’re going over them, today.

Dry Cough: This refers to the fact that no mucus is being produced. The dry cough often sounds like “barking” and it is most associated with sinus infections, viral illnesses, and influenza (or flu).

Wet Cough: This kind of cough is accompanied by phlegm. The wet cough is commonly associated with post-nasal drip, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

It is important to note that the common cold can go either way (wet or dry) and in most cases goes away on it’s own. You can help by always washing your hands, disinfecting your home, and coughing into your elbow to avoid spreading germs via your hands or through the air. The length of your cough will be the test to whether visiting an urgent care is necessary.

The recommendation is that if your cough does not go away within three weeks, it’s time to visit an urgent care doctor for medical treatment. A definite reason to visit an urgent care due to a cough is if you notice the cough is so strong that you feel like vomiting at the end of harsh hacking. This could mean that you have Whooping cough which needs to be treated. Coughs that last eight weeks or more are most likely not going anywhere without some help. These long-lasting coughs can be caused by other things, also, such as acid reflux or Asthma.

If you find yourself in need of medical treatment for ongoing coughs, CareXpress Urgent Care is here for you at several locations. Click here for our locations and hours of operation.